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Extend Nursing Home Benchmark Rates

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[Dear Recipient],

I am writing to urge you to continue to support quality care for our most vulnerable in nursing homes by extending the Managed Care Benchmark Rates.

New York State made quality care a priority while transitioning to managed care by establishing Benchmark Rates for Long Term Care providers. The Benchmark Rates removed doubt and uncertainty of funding and empowered nursing homes to continue care innovations and investments to improve quality of care.

But now Benchmark Rates are set to expire in 2017, which would leave our most vulnerable seniors at the mercy of managed care bureaucrat negotiators looking only to a bottom line – not quality of care.

Benchmark Rates are vital to providing and sustaining the high-level of care our most vulnerable deserve.

New York’s most vulnerable seniors need Albany to extend Benchmark Rates to ensure continued upgrades, innovation, and most especially quality of care.

Over 150,000 New Yorkers call a nursing home, home. The residents of these homes and their families depend on the vital medical care they receive and deserve quality and dignity in their care.

As a concerned New Yorker, I thank you for your past support of our most vulnerable seniors and urge you again to support quality care – extend the Benchmark Rates for Long Term Care Facilities.

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