The Long Term Care Advocacy Project is a grassroots advocacy group dedicated to improving quality and availability of nursing homes for all New Yorkers.
Nursing homes are home to over 145,000 New Yorkers. They are essential to care for and protect our seniors when they are most vulnerable.  And for families, they provide peace of mind when caring for their loved ones at home is no longer possible.

According to the New York State Department of Health, currently over 20% of nursing homes in New York State have "financial issues" and over the past four years, 25 nursing homes have been forced to close.  With the Department of Health's estimate that over 7,000 additional beds will be needed in the state by 2016, it is vital that we protect the availability of nursing home beds throughout the state.
The critical care that is offered at Nursing Homes cannot be provided at home and is a necessity for their residents and families.  The Long Term Care Advocacy Project's mission is to improve and protect the quality and availability of these care settings to insure that residents and their families have peace of mind that vital medical needs are met in a safe, caring environment.